• Kobelco SK350 (35 Tonne)
  • Kobelco SK260 (26 Tonne)
  • Kobelco SK210 (21 Tonne)
  • Kobelco SK135 (13 Tonne)
  • Caterpillar CR308 (8 Tonne)
  • Caterpillar CR304 (4 Tonne)
  • Kubota KX91 (3 Tonne)

Excavators are primarily used in the excavation and loading of material, either in detailed applications (such as trenching, footings and site stripping) or in larger bulk earthworks (such as material loading, rock breaking and site cuts).

The size and configuration of the excavator will vary for each job, as consideration is given to job application and site access.

Excavators are tracked machines; they are designed for digging and loading material from a single pivot point rather than transporting it around site.

Depending on their size, excavators will be delivered to site by either a low- loader float or tag-along trailer.